Caroline Allams

Mrs Allams (the teacher) was always intrigued and fascinated by Key Stage 1 children and was dedicated to promoting the self esteem of her charges. She tried to instil in them that if they believed they could do it, the chances are, they would achieve to the best of their ability. By creating a classroom ethos that allowed children to shout about what they were good at, it made it safer and more comfortable for children to discuss what they found hard. When the children deserved specific praise Mrs Allams would make her own 'stickers' and tape them to the proud chest of her children. Mrs Allams was not the world's best drawer so limited by her own abilities, she would ask her children what they wanted her to draw them as. They would choose all the things that children, the world over, are mad about...and so, The Pedagogs were created! Statements like 'I can read' meant that children believed they could and warmed the hearts of parents at the school gate. Others like 'I used capital letters.' would indicate to the parent what they had achieved so that they could reinforce at home. Now she is tormented by ideas for where The Pedagogs can go from here and spends her spare time writing storyboards for long dreamed about Pedagogs educational, animated series!

Office nickname: Fanny

Laura Tyrrell

Maybe one of the world's most organised people and someone who loves to do all the things that Caroline does not, making them the perfect team! She is a devil for lists and minutes, has a worrying soft spot for pencils and Gordon Ramsay and keeps the office tuned to structured perfection. Laura started working in the office to help out her pal and decided she would stay. She is responsible for the office calorie intake to reach gargantuan proportions as she is master baker and dishes out crazily generous portions of her creations.

Office nickname: Winky

Motto Wong

Motto Wong is the graphic designer at The Pedagogs.

This website is one of her greatest achievements where she made great contributions to the illustrations and brought the Pedagogs characters alive. Motto also helped to organise The Parent’s Journal 6th Education Expo at HKCEC (2007) and The Pedagogs first solo exhibition at Sofia Gasper Gallery (2008) in Hong Kong. Motto was very happy to work with The Pedagogs team and they wish her all the very best with all her coming challenges!

Office nickname: Shinny

Vivek Mahbubani

Bi-lingual comic genius with the knowledge of creating websites that soothes Caroline's nerves. Always a joy, never a chore, Vivek makes web design stress free, fun and gets the job done! At the end of every meeting Vivek is the one who breaks into a girly chit-chat of everything and anything silly. His favourite colour, coincidentally, is hot pink.

Paul Allams

With the enthusiasm of a red setter and an ingeniously, creative brain, Paul is always on hand with the perfect answer to a design problem. He often has the last word on the 'boy' designs and is always willing to be anything from Director's PA to general lackey! Paul smiles when he watches Ray Mears on the TV and collects all kinds of tape. He prefers two wheels to feet and Caroline will always be indebted to his incessantly positive approach to the whole Pedagogs carry on.

Stacey Niermann

Stacey's daughter was in Caroline's class for two years and so Stacey had first hand experience to the difference Pedagogs' materials can make to both parents and children. She is a former Disney channel executive with an MBA from UCLA and started the company with Caroline. She worked at The Pedagogs until July 2006 She now lives in Singapore with her husband and three children.